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LETAs translations – top quality, precise and professional

Professionally edited, high quality translations – a key for development of your business!

Like to expand your market and reach new clients worldwide? Need a foreign language version of your website? Professional translators play a key role in the development of your business because language skills are the first impression you provide about your enterprise to potential clients and venture partners abroad.

Utilising long-time experience in preparing information products in Latvian, English and Russian, the LETA Editorial Office of Foreign Language and Translation Services offers clients corporate and presentational material translations and literary fine-tuning of texts.

LETAs foreign language editors – native language speakers, on a daily basis translate texts into the Latvian language from English, Russian, German, French, Lithuanian, Estonian and other languages. This is a guarantee of outstanding writing and precision in content and form.

In addition to translation of presentational and informative material in various languages, we offer preparation of your initial Internet homepage, text editing, translation of content page by page, also translation of press releases and media articles.

In this regard, we mention here a number of LETAs major undertakings: 1) LR Ministry of Culture’s vortal – content preparation and translation into English and Russian, 2) tourism portal, 3) monthly newsletter for the State Tourism Development Agency (TAVA) in four languages (, 4) Riga Tourism Development Office’s booklet ‘’What to Do in Riga?”, 5) LIDAs brochure on the winners of the export award, 6) LVMs magazine ‘’Mammadaba”.

For more information on LETAs translation services, please contact Foreign News and Translation Department Chief Guntars Grīnums at 67029321 or

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