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Press Releases

Statements for the media prepared by businesses and organizations, or press releases, are an important means of distributing information for the public and a valuable source of information for journalists in their day-to-day work.

Each day information agency LETA receives more than 150 press releases that are published on the PR newswire, which is designed for publishing full press releases on LETA website. Press releases are not edited, therefore the person who submits one is fully responsible for its content, presentation, grammar.

You can send your releases to LETA editorial office at: In addition to the text of the release, other documents can be added, as well as links to photo and video materials that visually supplement the textual information.

Placing information on the LETA newswires will help you to actively generate your publicity, because all key mass media, state and municipal institutions and enterprises receive LETA information online. All LETA’s clients may access the PR newswire free of charge, but the latest releases are accessible to all visitors to the LETA website.

Press releases that you send in, information on developments or your opinion can also be used in preparing LETA news, information and other materials. We therefore urge you to inform us about news and important events in the work of your enterprise – events, projects, cooperation, new products and other activities.

Recommendations for writing a press release

To ensure precise and fast dissemination of information, and also to further our mutual contacts, we request you include the following information in your statement to the press:

  • the date when the document was prepared,
  • name of the person in charge of the matter or person who can provide additional information, telephone or email address,
  • the date when the statement was released,
  • we also request to state precisely what event the information is about, exactly when and where it occurred or will occur,
  • In developing your enterprise’s relations with the public, we recommend supplementing information on new products and services with facts, comparative indexes in the market context.

To ensure mutual understanding, we also inform you that LETA PR newswire does not publish information that contains threats to the state, community or individual, defamatory statements, obscene language, sensitive personal data.

LETA PR news wire will not publish literary essays and annotations of press publications, advertisements of products and services, advertising slogans, commercial data on third party. In debatable cases, news editors make the decision whether a given press release is to be published.

Additional information: News editors, telephone: 67216689, 67214524.

PR Service – assistance in publicity

If you require professional assistance in preparing a press release or other publicity materials and distribution thereof across a meticulously segmented database of contacts, you are welcome to place an inquiry with our PR Service. For more information, please visit

You can find out more about LETA services by filling out the application form, or contacting us by phone
6 7 222 509, or by e-mail:

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