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PR Service is a tool to assist companies’ marketing and communication managers in writing statements to the press and publicity texts, and distribution thereof to segmented media groups, enabling speedy and precise distribution of company information to generate maximum publicity, as well as timely assessment of the efficiency of such publicity.

PR Service also offers photography and video services for companies’ publicity needs, website visualization and various representation materials, as well as organization of press conferences and taking photos and videotaping at corporate events.

With the help of experienced specialists, we will ensure the creation of a quality press release about your company’s news, which will meet the mass media’s requirements. Thanks to having a voluminous media contact database, we can distribute press releases not only in Latvia but also to the other Baltic as well as Russian and European media.

We offer:

  • Press release distribution service “PR Mail”,
  • Preparation, editing and translation of press releases,
  • Preparation of publicity photographs and video releases,
  • Publicity monitoring,
  • Organization of press conferences.

You can find out more about the services provided by the PR service here:

If you wish to learn more or apply for our services, please fill out the application form or get in touch with us by phone: 67222509, or e-mail:

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