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National Information Agency LETA business portal offers latest and most competent business information to help company CEOs keep abreast of developments in the relevant industries and the overall business environment. provides the following information:

  • Business news – every day, more than 150 news items about business in Latvia
  • Company news – companies’ statements and latest offers
  • Support for companies – information on support programs available to businessmen, EU funds, as well as information on Latvian companies’ experience of utilization of funds – all in one place
  • Procurement database – news about procurement tenders, auctions and their results, based on reports posted on the Procurement Monitoring Bureau, state and municipal authorities’ websites, in Latvijas Vēstnesis newspaper, national and regional press, as well as information on procurement tenders organized by the EU institutions, NATO and European Defense Agency
  • Opinions and interviews – interviews with opinion leaders and discussions of experts from various industries
  • Industries – latest information from industries: news, reports and statistical data, calendar of upcoming events, tenders and auctions, legislation – divided into 23 business and sociopolitical sectors
  • Company database – offers information on the largest and most important players in various national economy sectors – contact information, business activities, financial results for the previous years offers all this information in one place, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, brief and to the point.

Every user is offered to receive a selection of latest news or information selected according to user-specified keywords in his or her e-mail, to save time and make it easier for the user to find the relevant information.

By filling out the application, you may receive seven-day free access to all of the sectors!

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