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Media monitoring and analysis

Today the media not only reflect social events but also affect and make public opinion on economic, political and other topicalities. However, with the increase in media source number it is ever harder for companies to perceive and analyze the entire publicity and information volume.

We offer a solution. Media monitoring is information selected and summarized according to your needs. It provides a detailed view on events in the industry, changes in target audience’s needs and wants, rivals’ activities in the public sphere as well as the effectiveness of marketing and public relations campaigns.

LETA Media Monitoring is the first and the largest specialized media monitoring and content analysis provider in Latvia and the Baltics. We continue constant development, offering our clients a range of versatile services, reviewing a large number of media: national and regional newspapers, magazines, Internet media, radio and TV, social networks and social media.

In close cooperation with strong partners in the other Baltic countries that has continued for a long time, we can offer monitoring of the Baltic media as well as qualitative, comparable company assessment methods, which provides our clients with a better insight into the trends and competitiveness in the entire Baltic region.

By using LETA monitoring you may:

  • Find out news in the relevant sphere and external business environment;
  • Assess the reputation and quality of the company;
  • Find out changes within the target audience and its wishes;
  • Find out the activities of competitors; and
  • Measure the efficiency of marketing and PR campaigns.

According to your needs we offer the following media monitoring services:

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