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Government allocates additional EUR 173.9 million for ministries' priorities in 2020
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    Government allocates additional EUR 173.9 million for ministries' priorities in 2020

    RIGA, Sept 17 (LETA) - The government on Tuesday approved allocation of EUR 173.9 million for ministries and independent institutions' priority measures next year.

    Even though last week the 2020 budget's fiscal space was estimated at EUR 192.4 million, the Finance Ministry explained that the fiscal space included not only revenue-enhancing measures but also measures reducing budget revenue. As an example, the Finance Ministry mentioned increase in the differentiated non-taxable minimum from EUR 230 to EUR 300 as of January 1, 2020.

    As a result, the government approved distribution of EUR 173.8 million for ministries and independent institutions' priorities next year. Of this amount, EUR 91.12 million will be distributed among ministries' priorities, EUR 72.4 million will be allotted to cross-sectoral priorities, and EUR 10.44 million for independent institutions' priorities.

    A total of EUR 91,118,661 has been earmarked for priority actions by ministries and other central public institutions. EUR 916,236 will be allocated for the priorities of the Cabinet of Ministers, EUR 5.56 million to Corruption Prevention Bureau, EUR 3 million to the Foreign Ministry, EUR 900,000 to the Finance Ministry, EUR 18.9 million to the Interior Ministry, EUR 6.96 million to the Education and Science Ministry, EUR 7.9 million to the Transport Ministry, EUR 10.34 million to the Welfare Ministry, and EUR 4.03 million to the Justice Ministry.

    The priorities of the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry in 2020 will be allotted EUR 1.12 million, the Culture Ministry's priorities - EUR 13 million, the Health Ministry - EUR 7.89 million, the Central Election Commission - EUR 602,763, and measures for the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing will be allotted EUR 10 million.

    A total of EUR 72,404,538 has been earmarked for cross-sectoral priorities. Of this amount, EUR 42.11 million will be allocated to increase salaries of medical workers, EUR 1.04 million to state research programs, and EUR 22.99 million to increase the minimum monthly salary for to EUR 750. In addition, EUR 6.26 million has been allocated for demographic measures.

    A total of EUR 10,440,527 has been allocated for independent institutions. Of this amount, the President's Chancery has been allocated EUR 724,240, EUR 67,928 has been allotted to the Ombudsman's Office, EUR 392,153 to institutions responsible to the Justice Ministry, EUR 392,153 to regional and district courts, EUR 567,712 to the Constitutional Protection Bureau, EUR 577,980 to the Data State Inspectorate, EUR 462,900 to the State Audit Office, EUR 196,915 to the Supreme Court, EUR 912,112 to the Constitutional Court, EUR 625,443 to the Prosecutor's Office, and EUR 5.9 million to radio and television.

    • Published: 17.09.2019 20:33
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