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Harmony member Vladova elected second vice-mayor of Riga
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    Harmony member Vladova elected second vice-mayor of Riga

    RIGA, Aug 20 (LETA) - Council member Anna Vladova (Harmony) was today elected second vice-mayor of Riga.

    Vladova was elected to the position by 35 votes, including 11 votes from Honor to Serve Riga (GKR), four from the Group of Independent Councilmen, three from For Riga bloc and 17 votes from her Harmony party.

    Meanwhile, 16 members of the city council voted against Vladova’s election as Riga’s second vice-mayor.

    Under the agreement reached between coalition partners Harmony and GKR, Vladova will be in charge of the Riga National Zoological Garden, Riga Hospital No1, Riga Maternity Hospital, Riga Hospital No2, Rigas Veselibas Centrs (Riga Health Center), Rigas Udens municipal water utility, Rigas Pilsetbuvnieks municipal construction company and Getlini Eko waste management company. Vladova will also supervise the city council’s departments of transport and welfare.

    Vadims Baranniks, the other vice-mayor, will hold the city council’s shares in Rigas Centraltirgus (Riga Central Market), Rigas Satiksme municipal transport company, Rigas Namu Parvaldnieks municipal housing manager and supervise the city development department.

    Riga mayor Olegs Burovs (GKR) will be responsible for the city council’s housing and environmental department, education, culture and sports department, finance department, property department, Rigas Mezi (Riga Forests), Rigas Nami (Riga Houses) and other municipal enterprises.

    • Published: 20.08.2019 15:23
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