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Digitalization services

National Information Agency LETA is the only full service news agency in Latvia that provides quality news and business information solutions for all kinds of organizations and businesses.

Since 2009, LETA also offers digitization of documents – a new service that emerged as one of LETAs departments, Media Monitoring developed into a separate business.

We offer to transform any printed document/material into digital format. LETA offers high-quality digitization services – scanning of materials and segmentation of documents.

We offer our services for


  • Searchable archive
  • Preservation of cultural and historical heritage
  • Ease of adaptation for Internet


  • Searchable archive
  • Repeated use of content
  • Ease of adaptation for Internet
  • Business opportunity – to sell content

Our advantages:

  • Experience of large projects with largest European content conversion software providers – CCS, Zissor
  • Professional and highly qualified team of 50 employees
  • Competitive and affordable pricing policy

  • All
  • News
  • Press Releases
  • Photo

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