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Jurass to join Bordans' party and calls Riga City Council largest ''nest of corruption'' in Latvia
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    Jurass to join Bordans' party and calls Riga City Council largest ''nest of corruption'' in Latvia

    RIGA, Jan 11 (LETA) - In a special press conference today, the former head of the Corruption Prevention Bureau's (KNAB) Criminal Intelligence Process Division Juris Jurass claimed that the Nils Usakovs (Harmony) led Riga City Council is the largest ''nest of corruption'' in Latvia, while at the same time announced he will join the New Conservative Party, led by former Justice Minister Janis Bordans, and run in the Riga City Council elections.

    According to Jurass, corruption has seeped into all levels of the Riga City Council, where its leader continues to arrogantly deny the existence of this problem.

    The former high-ranking KNAB official, who was released by the bureau's controversial former head Jaroslavs Strelcenoks last year, also claimed that the parties currently in power in Latvia do not have a desire to fight corruption, and he is saddened to see the grim corruption situation in the country.

    Taking all of this into account, Jurass has decided to join the New Conservative Party and run in the Riga elections in June. He said that he will also call on other former KNAB officials to follow his lead.

    • Published: 11.01.2017 13:28
    • Gatis Kristovskis, LETA
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