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Unforgivable not to take advantage of opportunity to form government without Greens/Farmers and Harmony - Bordans
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    Unforgivable not to take advantage of opportunity to form government without Greens/Farmers and Harmony - Bordans

    RIGA, Oct 12 (LETA) - The New Conservative Party's (JKP) PM candidate Janis Bordans believes it would be unforgivable not to take advantage of the opportunity to form a government without Harmony and the Union of Greens and Farmers.

    The politician said that the government should be formed without much delay. ''A capable, new government, which acts and does not delay. This is what the Latvian public wants,'' he told members of the press today.

    The JKP leader said leaving out the Greens/Farmers from the new government is a matter of principle. He said that even if one of the other political partners offers to head the next government, JKP does not see itself a part of a future coalition with the Greens/Farmers.

    Asked what action he might take in the other political parties do not agree to JKP's proposed coalition model, Bordans said that he would like to first await the point of view of the potential partners. He said they could make this known next week, and then more talks would be held.

    Bordans said that in case the partners do not agree to JKP's offer, then some ''modified details'' could be made.

    As reported, JKP would like to hold the PM seat in the next government, as well as head the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry and the Interior Ministry, the party announced this evening.

    According to JKP's offer in the division of ministerial responsibilities, For Development/For would hold the Finance Ministry, Welfare Ministry and Health Ministry, as well as the post of Saeima speaker, which according to unofficial information, could be held by Artis Pabriks.

    Meanwhile, the National Alliance would retain the Culture Ministry, as well as hold the Education Ministry and the Agriculture Ministry.

    KPV LV, according to JKP's vision, would lead the Economy Ministry and the Transport Ministry, while New Unity - the Justice Ministry and the Defense Ministry.

    Furthermore, the post of foreign minister would be held by a non-partisan diplomat, which all the five coalition parties would agree upon.

    According to the preliminary election results, Harmony party has won 23 seats in the 13th Saeima, KPV LV and the New Conservative Party will have sixteen MPs each, For Development/For and National Alliance - thirteen MPs each, Greens/Farmers - eleven, and New Unity - eight MPs.

    • Published: 12.10.2018 17:09
    • Alina Lastovska, LETA
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