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Riga City Council's executive director Radzevics suspended
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    Riga City Council's executive director Radzevics suspended

    RIGA, March 31 (LETA) - Temporary administration at the Riga City Council has suspended the council's executive director Juris Radzevics (Honor to Serve Riga).

    Radzevics has been suspended pending an assessment of violations he may have committed, said Edvins Balsevics, head of the Riga City Council's temporary administration.

    Iveta Zalpetere, who has extensive experience in supervising and representing municipal companies, has been appointed the Riga City Council's acting executive director. In the past, she has worked as supervisory board chairwoman at Ventas Osta, state secretary at the Family and Children's Affairs Ministry, Justice Ministry, and others.

    The reason for the suspension of Radzevics is his "irresponsible conduct during a state of emergency."

    The temporary administration's spokeswoman Jana Jentkus told LETA that Radzevics had not complied with the decisions of the Civil Protection Commission of the Riga City Council. One of the reasons for the suspension of Radzevics was his decision to reduce public transport service frequency in Riga during the Covid-19 epidemic.

    The temporary administration will set up a commission, made up of independent experts, to objectively assess Radzevics' performance, said Jentkus.

    Radzevics has been Riga City Council's executive director since 2009.

    • Published: 31.03.2020 10:43
    • Katrina Karzubova, LETA
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