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Tougher rules on social distancing in catering establishments to come into force Tuesd
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    Tougher rules on social distancing in catering establishments to come into force Tuesd

    RIGA, March 30 (LETA) - The Economics Ministry has drawn up social distancing requirements for catering establishments, which will take effect tomorrow, March 31, the ministry informed LETA.

    The Economics Ministry's decree stipulates that, as of tomorrow, there must be a distance of at least two meters between tables at catering establishments, with no more than two visitors per table, unless they can prove that they are members of the same family.

    Likewise, people standing in line must be at least two meters apart. No more than one visitor per four square meters will be permitted. Caterers must also be able to sell takeout meals.

    Catering establishments will also have to observe a number of precautionary measures: signs will have to be posted at the entrance and inside the establishments to inform visitors about the maximum number of patrons at the establishment, urging them to be responsible and observe the two-meter rule, and stating that persons with symptoms of a respiratory disease must not enter the establishment.

    The Economics Ministry urges owners and managers of public catering companies to also implement other measures to limit the number of visitors and ensure maximum protection for employees.

    The State Police and Municipal Police officers will be tasked with ensuring that the requirements are adhered to in at all catering establishments.

    • Published: 30.03.2020 16:17
    • Raivis Spalvens, LETA
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