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I do not see much point for the existence of NATO - MEP Mamikins
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    I do not see much point for the existence of NATO - MEP Mamikins

    RIGA, March 19 (LETA) - In an interview with LETA, European Parliament Member Andrejs Mamikins (Harmony) said that he does not see much of a point for the existence of NATO.

    ''Politically, this is a very interesting organization, but this mechanism is not working nor achieving the desired results. Also militarily NATO has not been able to solve any crises,'' he said. ''NATO did not help Iraq nor its people. NATO did not help Afghanistan, nor was it able to do anything in the Central African Republic, Libya and now in Syria. I am not saying NATO should be shut down tomorrow, but it needs very serious reforms.''

    According to the politician from Latvia, the deployment of allied forces to the Baltics is also questionable. ''We are attempting to cheaply solve a possible war between Russia and Latvia, between Russia and NATO. But I do not wish to live in a state of war, which is why I want to develop diplomacy, so there is no war,'' he claimed.

    • Published: 19.03.2017 09:27
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