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KPV LV leader evasive about possibility to cooperate with Harmony party
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    KPV LV leader evasive about possibility to cooperate with Harmony party

    RIGA, July 12 (LETA) - Artuss Kaimins, the founder and co-chairman of KPV LV party, was evasive in his comments to LETA about possible cooperation with the leftist pro-Russia Harmony party, saying he did not see "a possibility to cooperate with Harmony's board chairman [and the Mayor of Riga] Nils Usakovs".

    Commenting on the invitation by the New Unity bloc to other parties to sign a memorandum against cooperation with the pro-Kremlin parties, Kaimins said he would not be promoting any marginal parties.

    He said it was KPV LV's intention to get to the polling stations those 42 percent of Latvian citizens, who did not vote in the previous general elections.

    Answering a question about whether KPV LV would be willing to cooperate with Harmony in the next Latvian parliament, Kaimins said that his party's candidate prime minister Aldis Gobzems had said earlier that "cooperation with Usakovs was impossible".

    Gobzems would not give a straight answer to LETA about cooperation with Harmony and instead said that he would like to call on all other political parties to sign "a memorandum about fighting corruption, the mafia of insolvency administrators and the mafia of MPC (Mandatory Purchase Component or the much-criticized green energy support system) as well as rigged tenders".

    As reported, ahead of the general elections in Latvia, the New Unity political bloc has invited other political parties in Latvia to sign a memorandum containing an undertaking not to cooperate with "the pro-Kremlin parties".

    Krisjanis Karins, the board chairman of the New Unity, said that the bloc was inviting the political forces sharing similar ideas to join the memorandum, declaring support to pro-European, democratic policies based on the rule of law to confirm that Latvia's current geopolitical course would remain unchanged.

    • Published: 12.07.2018 10:08
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