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Six local governments' rules of procedure contain provisions limiting councilmen's rights - ministry
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    Six local governments' rules of procedure contain provisions limiting councilmen's rights - ministry

    RIGA, April 17 (LETA) - The Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry has found provisions infringing on councilmen's rights in six local government's rules of procedure, however, four of these municipalities have agreed to alter these provisions, the ministry's representative Santa Valuma told LETA.

    At the beginning of March, the ministry notified all 119 local governments of Latvia that they had to review their rules of procedure and, if necessary, remove provisions therein that limit local government members' rights to fully exercise their authority at local governments' meetings. The local governments had to submit their replies by March 15.

    As of today, the ministry has received replies from 68 local governments and found that there were such restrictions in six local governments' rules of procedure. Four of them - Ventspils, Liepaja, Daugavpils city councils and Durbe Region Council - informed the ministry that they would revise their rules of procedure and remove the conflicting provisions.

    Similar violations have also been found in the rules of procedure of Rezekne and Jelgava city councils, which the ministry has instructed to draw up amendments to ensure that democratic principles are adhered to at the local governments' meetings.

    In the meantime, several municipalities, including Sigulda Region Council and Koceni Region Council, have already amended their rules of procedure by lifting restrictions on councilmen's inquiries or the maximum duration of a councilman's address to the local government.

    Of the nine cities in Latvia, only one has not replied the ministry - Riga. Ventspils, Liepaja and Daugavpils city councils have told the ministry they will revise their rules of procedure in accordance with the ministry's instructions. No conflicting provisions have been found in the rules of procedure of Valmiera, Jurmala, Jekabpils and Jelgava city councils.

    Taking into consideration that 51 local governments have still not replied the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry, they have been given time until April 27 to do so and to eliminate provisions that restrict local government members' inquiries or the right to speak at their local government's meetings.

    • Published: 17.04.2018 11:02
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