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Latvian MP Balodis joins National Alliance
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    Latvian MP Balodis joins National Alliance

    RIGA, April 16 (LETA) - Latvian MP Ringolds Balodis, who quit the faction of the opposition For Latvia from the Heart in January this year, has joined the ruling National Alliance.

    Balodis became a member of the National Alliance today by the decision of the party's board, said Dace Kalnina, a spokeswoman for the National Alliance.

    Balodis choose to join the National Alliance because his position on a number of important issues coincided with the stance of the National Alliance and it seemed a logical continuation of his activities in the parliament, the spokeswoman said.

    In Balodis' opinion, the National Alliance is fundamentally pro-Latvian, unlike other parties which claim to be pro-Latvian only when it is the election time.

    Imants Paradnieks, a board of the National Alliance, said that the political force had already been cooperating with Balodis in the past, for example, he as a constitutional law expert advised All For Latvia! [one of the parties that later merged to form the National Alliance] in some of its activities.

    As reported, in mid-January this year Ringolds Balodis left the parliamentary faction of the opposition For Latvia from the Heart party to express his dissatisfaction with the performance of the party leader, Inguna Sudraba, as the chairwoman of the parliamentary committee investigating the so-called oligarch affair.

    • Published: 16.04.2018 16:49
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