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EU presidency to use AI-powered translation tool developed by Tilde

RIGA, Oct 6 (LETA) - Latvian language technology company Tilde has developed an AI-powered translation tool that will be used by the countries holding the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU), LETA was told at the company.

The machine translation tool has been developed specially for Estonia’s Presidency of the Council of the EU to facilitate the translation of large amount of information and enable multilingual communication at the presidency’s events. The translation tool uses Neural Machine Translation and the CEF eTranslation platform to provide secure, instant translation of texts, full documents, and websites. The company’s representatives noted that this is the first time that the neural translation technology has been used at an event of this level.

“We developed the first machine translation tool in 2015 for the Latvian presidency, but now our researchers have managed to significantly improve not only the Latvian but also the Estonian language translation tool, employing the neural network technology. We are glad to be able to help the Estonian presidency cope with the heavy traffic of multilingual information. The European Commission has tasked us with developing a similar solution for the next presidencies – Bulgaria and Austria,” said Tilde head Andrejs Vasiljevs.

The EU Council Presidency Translator will facilitate work for delegates, journalists and translators attending official events and meetings during the EU Council Presidency. The platform provides secure, instant translation of texts, full documents, and websites from Estonian into English and vice versa.

The EU Council Presidency Translator is an addition to Estonia’s e-government platform and is one of the European Commission infrastructure connection tools for e-translation, making digital services multilingual.

Tilde is a language technology company developing AI-powered translation tools.

Tilde turned over EUR 3.973 million in 2016, down 12.3 percent from a year before, while its profit contracted 23 percent year-on-year to EUR 85,606, according to information available at Firmas.lv. Tilde belongs in equal parts to Vasiljevs and Uldis Dzenis.

Published: 06.10.2017 13:50

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